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From: Barry Mattison
Subject: College in the Desert CH XCHAPTER X-College in the Desert
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synopsis of the entire book, news of other stories, talk with others about
the story, and gain exclusive access to the Members Only Web Site.INTRODUCTION:This is a fictional story about how two young guys met at college, started
a friendship that eventually became a long relationship, and endured all
the good times and the bad times of that relationship over the coming
years. The characters in “College in the Desert” are all fictional and any
semblance to real persons–living or deceased–is purely coincidental.DISCLAIMER:This fictional story is written for the gay reader in particular and
describes scenes Preteen Model Toplist of male nudity and Preteen Model Toplist
sexual acts between two or more guys
that some readers may find inappropriate and/or unsuitable for their
reading. Please do not read any further if you find such reading offensive
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allowable by law.———————————————————————-
Chapter X
———————————————————————-If you remember during the last episode, Joe and the gangsters were finally
sentenced to long terms in jail…some even got the death
sentence…signaling the end of that whole episode in Jeff and Doug’s life
of bodyguards, over-the-shoulder glances, and long days sequestered in the
house for fear of gang retaliations. It also was the beginning of some new
relationships based on friendship instead of an obligation, and the chance
for Jeff and Don to start spending time together, and more importantly,
Justin and I could start to learn more about each other and decide what
kind of future we wanted with each other.We had just said goodbye to everyone from an evening of celebration at our
house, semi-cleaned up the Preteen Model Toplist mess, got Kenny into HIS bed with a talk about
boundaries and not sleeping with us, and were finally settled in our own
bed.Once inside Juss closed the door, I crashed on the bed arms full out
and Juss walked over and slowly laid down on top of me. He felt like
he weighed about two hundred pounds, but I didn’t mind as he started to
undress me, shirt first.As tired as I was, my cock started to react to his sensual touch on my now
bare chest. His sexy hands, the ones that turned me on just by looking at
them, were now pushing the long, slender finger attached to them up my
sides towards my nipples. I could feel the hair rise on my arms as
something else kept rising. Oh how I loved that man of mine. Following
those fingers was a wet tongue that stared at my belt line and was now
halfway up my chest, headed for…a long jump to my feet.After I landed back on the bed, Juss started caressing each foot, going
back and forth to relax me almost putting me to sleep in the process
and in doing Preteen Model Toplist
so, quickly drained away all the day’s stress’ away and
replaced them with thoughts of sex…love…and some more sex. I couldn’t
wait for him to work all the way back up again. Sitting up slightly I
grabbed his upper body and Preteen Model Toplist pulled him towards me until we were locked lips
to lips. I opened my legs so he could lay on top of me, our cocks rubbing
together through our jeans, growing steadily harder and harder as we kissed
harder and harder. He lifted his head up and look me in the
eyes. Immediately clothes started flying everywhere until we landed back
where we started. His hard dick slipped down between the cheeks of my butt
as we kept up the sexual frenzy. The more we bucked up and down, the more
sexed up we got. I Preteen Model Toplist wanted, needed his cock in me and wasn’t going to wait
for all the rest of the usual foreplay to get it there.”Fuck me now with that big thing you’re sliding up and down my crack!”"My pleasure. I thought you’d never ask.”I raised my legs up over his shoulders as he spit on his cock a few times
and rubbed it hard. A few more spits to lube me up and then I felt him
enter me slowly. I wasn’t waiting for a long entry tonight and I pushed
until his balls were rubbing against mine.”Go for it babe. I’m horny as hell.”We had never made love like this before, but I wanted it rough tonight and
I wanted it NOW! I wanted the bed to squeak, my ass to be sore, his jizz
coming out my mouth, and mine to hit the wall from the excitement of it
all. The way he was banging away, balls slapping balls, I might just get it
too.I lifted my rear end higher as he slipped a pillow under my back for better
penetration. It hurt a little as his cock hit my prostate and went farther
and farther in, but the pain always turned to pleasure as he kept pushing
in. Then he would slow down, pull his dick out and slowly push it back in
to the hilt, pull it out again, back in again, repeating the same rhythm
for a few minutes which was driving my senses over the top. Then he would
speed up until he was pushing me so hard I was sliding farther up the bed,
getting closer to the headboard.In a flash I flipped us over, putting him on his back and me sitting on his
waist with his cock still in me. He spread his legs open and I started
riding up and down as he pushed up and down in rhythm with me. It felt so
good, like I was in control for the moment. I looked down at his frenzied
face, knowing mine looked the same as we started to feel our orgasms
building up deep down inside. After a few minutes he rolled me over into a
kneeling position and started to fuck me like I’d never been fucked. I was
moaning with pain and ecstasy at the same time; each time he pushed inside
me farther and deeper, but I loved it.I could feel my orgasm flowing upwards through my balls as they drew up
tight to my cock. I was going to blow any second. Juss could feel the same
thing as he placed his hand on my balls and rubbed them ’round and ’round
and then then grabbed my cock and masturbated me as he kept up his savaging
my hole. It was all too much as I suddenly blew out a load of pre-cum
juices all over the sheets. At the same time I leaned back against Juss
just as he did the same up my hot chute. Both of us followed as I grabbed
my dick and started pumping ropes of cum, one after the other all over the
place. At the same time I could feel my insides being filled with his love
honey, load after load pumped into my insides from my lover as he kept
fucking me and I kept pumping my cock as the cum started to slow down until
it came out the top of my dick in globs of white cum,slowly sliding down
the side as I kept trying to squeeze every drop out of my balls. I could
feel Juss doing the same thing in Preteen Model Toplist
my ass as he slowly fucked me in and out
and I squeezed his cock with my ass muscles, milking every drop from his
beautiful dick. I wanted every drop out of both of us, as I’m sure he did.Eventually we fell down on the bed, totally exhausted, dripping with sweat,
one minute away from sleep. Juss started to pull his cock out, but I pushed
back against him.”It feels so good there. Just get close to me and let’s fall asleep like
this. That was incredible Juss, I love you.”"I love you too.”In less than a minute we were both asleep.About three AM I slipped out of bed. Juss’ cock had gone back to it’s usual
size of four inches while we were sleeping and had slipped out of my
hole. I had to go to the bathroom pretty bad and found Jeff there.”What’r you doing up so early Jeff?”"Had to piss. We were up late last night ‘fucking around’ if you know what
I mean.”"Yeah, us too.”"Catch ‘ya in the morning.”"See ‘ya.”I pulled the sliding door closed between our separate bathrooms, proceeded
to take a crap and a good long piss. Now what I really felt like was taking
a good, hot shower and getting the sticky cum off.Just as I was debating whether to do the shower thing or not, the door
creaked open slightly and I almost had a definite need to take that
shower. Slowly fingertips crept around the edge of the door followed by a
hand that I recognized as my lovers.”What are you trying to do Juss, give me a heart attack?”"I wasn’t sure who was in here, sorry.”"Forgiven babe. Need to take a piss?”"That plus…do you mind?”"Heck no, I was just thinking of taking a quick shower and clean up a
little.”"Sounds good. You jump in and I’ll join you, then we’ll change the sheets
quick on the bed.”"Okay.”I turned on the shower and grabbed some matching towels from the closet
while waiting for the water to warm up. It was just right as I stepped in
and closed the door. I heard the toilet flush but forgot that it changed
the water temperature for a few minutes when it did.”EYOW…that’s cold!”"Sorry babe…I forgot about that.”"Then hop right in here and share it with me.”"Okay, I’ll hold you nice and tight and warm you up.”"Gee, thanks”Juss did hop in and hold me tight, but I was still cold. We took a quick
shower, soaping each other up, being careful not to miss any intimate
places; even going over a few places several times. All I could think of
was crawling back into a nice warm bed and falling back to sleep.”All done now?” I asked Juss as we finished rinsing off. I think he had the
same thing on his mind as I did.”I’m Preteen Model Toplist done. Let’s dry off, get the bed changed and crawl back in.”"Okay. I’ll get the clean bedding if you strip the bedding off.”"Right then. You look so cute in your birthday suit at four in the
morning.”He kissed me and took off towards the bedroom as I headed for the linen
closet with a smirk on my face. It felt good to be playing house with him.By the time I got to the bedroom with the clean linen and blankets Juss had
the bedclothes all stripped and in the hamper and was waiting for the clean
ones.”What took you so long, playing with yourself again in the linen closet?”"If I wasn’t so tired I’d show you how to play with yourself you sexy
devil, but you’ll just have to wait. Let’s get this bed made up and get
some sleep, I have my last exam today.”"Poor thing.”We somehow managed to get the bed made before dawn and crawl in. Snuggled
up tight together, it didn’t take long for us to fall asleep, my last
thoughts of Juss and how content I was being with him…The next thing I knew it was nine o’clock and the alarm was ringing. I
thought it was the alarm anyway. Turned out to be the phone. It was Tim.
“Hi Tim, what’s up?”"Hi Doug. How are you guy’s doing?”"Okay. What can I do for you. Are we meeting at the usual time at school?”"Yeah. I just wanted you to talk to Justin about something before you leave
for school. Kathy and I have been doing a lot of talking lately and we have
decided that it’s time we stepped up to the plate and took responsibility
for Kenny. What I’d like you to think about, and talk to Justing and the
other guys about this, it’s that Kathy and I would like to go ahead and
formally have the court appoint us as Kenny’s legal guardians. That would
get him away from my parents and into a positive environment where he would
be free to grow up as a gay teen. He’d also have some pretty good uncles to
help him through the tough times. We’d just like you to think about all
this and get back to us…together. So I’ll see you at school shortly,
okay?”"Okay. Meet you at the usual place. Bye.”We had made arrangements for a friend to hang out with Kenny until we got
home and his tutor would be there for most of the day, plus the house was
secured so I had no problem leaving him there.In the back of my mind I was thinking that it would be nice that soon we
wouldn’t have to keep thinking about things like who was with whom and how
much security was needed just to go to the store, school, even play frisbee
in the park. It controlled all of our lives, every day, all the time. But
thankfully, it would soon be all over.Justin and I were on our way to school. I mentioned the conversation I had
with Tim and said we’d talk about it later tonight. We also got into a
conversation about the upcoming Christmas Preteen Model Toplist holidays. Somehow Thanksgiving
had easily slipped past us, finals were only a week away, and Christmas was
coming up in a few weeks.I had been sensing that Justin had been a little edgy about the holidays
lately, so I asked him what was wrong.”Well, you know, I don’t have a lot of money. I just barely get through
school as it is financially. I won’t have much to have to buy gifts with
for Christmas. It depresses me a little bit.”"How about the school.”"It brings in money, but I have to make sure the other instructors are paid
and get their extra bonuses for the holidays. So there’s not much left for
me. If I could get an extra few classes before the holidays that might help
out a little.”"Maybe we could think of some way to fill up a few classes in a hurry. I’ll
put my thinking cap on. Until then, don’t worry babe, something will work
out; besides, I have what I want…you.”"I love you.”"Trust me. Things will work themselves out”"If you say so. I hope you like sex as your present.”"Now there’s a thought…that would be perfect! But what about the others?”"IOU’s for sex?…how many do you want?”"I don’t believe so. Don’t worry about it for now. Focus on school because
that’s where we are. I have my last exam today. How about you?”"One this morning, an Aikido class this afternoon getting out at four; one
more exam tomorrow at ten o’clock followed by an Aikido class getting out
at three thirty. Then I’m done except for some Aikido classes.”"Okay. We’ll talk about some things tonight. Oh, don’t forget Tim’s
thing…he wants to know what we think tonight.”"Yes boss. See ‘ya later.” He leaned over, gave me a kiss, said, “I love
you,” and was gone in a flash.I Preteen Model Toplist headed for the student union to catch up with Tim and grab a quick
breakfast before my exam. Just as I approached the student union I saw Tim
waving in the window of the computer area. I waved back and thanked the
cute guy who held the door for me as I entered the building.I gave Tim a big hug.”Did Kathy have a good time last night?”"She really enjoyed finally meeting everyone, loved the house; the
yard…especially the fancy pool…and really liked you.”"Great, we enjoyed having both of you and Billy over for the evening. I’m
sure Billy had a good time.”"Oh man, it’s all he’s talked about; the game room with the pinball
machines, the Wii, everything. He thinks you guys are really rich. He
really likes all of you guys.”"That’s great. We really enjoyed having him over too. He’s welcome
anytime. I’m going to grab something quick at the breakfast bar. You want
anything…my treat?”"I could use a breakfast Preteen Model Toplist burrito and a regular coffee if you don’t mind.”"No problem. Let’s go grab the food and we can start walking over to the
auditorium and eat on the way.”We stood in line for a few minutes chatting while we waited for our
breakfast to be cooked, then headed out of the building and across
campus…me trying to juggle food, books, a sliding backpack and papers
under my arm…Tim casually eating and talking at the same time.”Hey, would you mind here?” I asked just as my backpack slipped off my
shoulder to the ground, carrying with it my burrito and a number of papers.”I’m sorry, why didn’t Preteen Model Toplist
you say something. That has to be one of your
shortcomings, the way you never ask for help. Next time, just ask. So
what’s up for today.”I looked up at him ready to smack him in the head with my backpack, but the
big smirk on his face disarmed me right away. Big jerk had been pulling my
leg. So I smacked him with one of my big music books right in the ass.”What’s that for?”"For jerking my chain and for not asking if you could help when I was
struggling in the beginning dopey.”"Sorry, my mind was wandering.”"Good thing I don’t depend on you to protect me.”"Oh jeez, now I really feel bad. I’m really sorry. This could get me fired
you know.”"I’m not going to say anything you dummy, for crying out loud, I probably
won’t even need you following me around much longer anyway.”That statement suddenly hit home for both of us. We looked at each other
with moist eyes. The thought hadn’t occurred to either of us that this
close, albeit unusual, friendship might end one day. We stood there staring
into each others eyes, not knowing what to say. I finally broke the ice.”Listen, this is more than we can handle or discuss here and now on top of
everything else going on; besides, it’s not going to be today or tomorrow;
we haven’t even heard from Don yet, so let’s not worry about it. Let’s get
back Preteen Model Toplist to today’s agenda, okay?”I could tell his mood had changed to a more somber one. The day was going
to be much different than it started. We picked up my books and stuff,
including my ex-breakfast burrito with Tim carrying the bulk of the load
this time. He smiled this time as we started walking.”I only have one exam this morning and I’m done for the semester. All the
other classes I’ve completed ahead of time or tested early out. Justin has
class until four o’clock, so we can just hang around until then or go over
to his Dojo and watch his class.”"Doug, can I ask a favor? Can we come back to the student union and talk
for a while. I have some questions I’d like to ask you regarding what I
mentioned on the phone this morning.”"Sure. I’m glad I’m here to help out in any way I can. I talked to the
other guys briefly about what you said so they could think about it
too. Now let me get to this exam and get this semester over with.”"Right beside you bud.”Back on the home front Jeff and Don had gone to work and Kenny was working
with his tutor. The school was taking care of the tutor and had provided an
excellent one, well versed in all subjects aware that Kenny was gay
and not afraid to discuss any issues with him relative to the subject
and one all of us trusted. We also had a security person around more to
watch the house and oversee everything than to worry about Kenny so
much. Every day Kenny spent with us was one more day that he became more
enamored with all of us and the way we lived. It was an issue we had
discussed and had come to the conclusion that it might be better if he was
in a home with a single pair of parents or at least decent relatives and
visited us as he wanted. We still needed to all spend time developing Preteen Model Toplist our
own relationship apart from all this drama and see where life was going to
take Jeff and Don and Justin and myself. After all, we may not even be
living in the same city a year from now and who knows where Jeff and Don
might be.I think that the discussion with Tim tonight needed to bring up some of
these issues.At any rate, I was in exams now and needed to concentrate. Tim sat up back
in his usual place while we completed our exams. I always had enjoyed Math
classes because it was so closely tied to music, especially classical organ
with its strict metered measures. So this Calculus exam should be a
breeze. I’d studied a little bit, but not too much. I had a method of
studying all through college. Each day I would come home and type up my
notes, eliminating the non-essential ones, sometimes adding a few from the
reading material, then reading them once over before filing them in a
notebook by Preteen Model Toplist
subject. By doing this I rarely found that I had to study.There were 3 hours allowed for the test. I was done I one hour and
forty-five minutes with all answers completed. One other student, a pretty
blond girl, handed hers in Preteen Model Toplist
at the same time.As we walked out I mentioned that I thought that the test was pretty
easy. She flipped her long blonde hair back behind her ear with some
contempt and replied, “So, how’d you get the cheat sheet?”I was shocked, but replied, “I didn’t use one, but I guess a blow job goes
a long Preteen Model Toplist way doesn’t it.”She winked and kept on walking away, hips swinging, hair flying in the
breeze, daring me to do something about it.I was speechless. I couldn’t believe what had just happened. What should I
do? Should I tell someone. Did she give the professor the BJ? Would it do
any good to say anything anyway?Tim came out the door just then and saw me standing there with this blank
look on my face.”You look like you just just a ghost.”"Same thing.” I told him what had happened and asked him what he though I
should do.”Listen, in the ‘real world’ Preteen Model Toplist people like her eventually get what’s coming
to them. I’m sure her grades will cause somebody to question her
score. Something will come up either now or later in her life that will pay
her back for using others the way she does. Life isn’t a free ride for most
of us. So I wouldn’t worry about it. You’ve had a rough start, been through
a lot, and now you have a wonderful, honest relationship with a great guy
surrounded by a lot of true friends. She probably won’t have any of that as
people find out who she really is. Ever hear that saying. ‘What goes around
comes around’? Well, it works, although most of the time we’re never there
to see it come around.”"You’re right, and that saying, it’s also one of my favorites. Thanks
bud. Well, let’s get back to the student union so I can get something to
eat again sitting down this time since I missed breakfast.”Tim punched me in the shoulder, grabbed my backpack for me, put his arm
around my shoulder and off we went, two bestest friends.As we were walking across campus the inevitable comments came flying out of
one of the football practice fields, “hey faggots, I got sumthin you can
suck on. Come over here and lick my big Preteen Model Toplist dick homo’s.”I looked at Tim. I expected his Preteen Model Toplist face to be red and him to be embarrassed,
but instead he was quiet and composed.He Preteen Model Toplist looked at me and said, “I’ll be right back.”"Oh no, I’m coming with you. We stand together.”Up to you. Come on,” he said with a short wave.We sprinted the short distance to the fence where about ten or twelve of
the jocks buddies had gathered. One of them I recognized from the GSA but
didn’t point him out for fear he’d be beaten up.Tim walked right up to the jerk who had yelled out the nice invitations and
put his face right Preteen Model Toplist up to his.”Any other intelligent things you have to say before I say something
meathead?”"Yeah, you fucking homo’s ought to be put in cages and put in circuses like
the freaks you are.”"My my, such a command of the English language. Did you pass it or pass it
through your coach babysitting you on your jock scholarship? It’s a
statistical fact that over eighty percent of you jocks who come through
college on football scholarships end up a washouts within ten years of
leaving school because you never learned anything other than how to lose
and how to mistreat those smaller than you. Now here’s another fact. I
happen to be straight, married to a very beautiful girl and have a great
son. We both graduated from this school and have high paying jobs. My job,
as he reached into his pocket and pulled out his badge, is to make sure
that bullies like you don’t pick on smarter kids like my best friend Doug
here, who happens to have survived two mob hits so far, seen people killed
in front of him, and almost lost his brother to a bullet. So if you
assholes want to carry this any further I’m sure that I could have ten or
twelve of my buddies here in a few minutes to even up the score since it
seems that you’re all full of it when there’s a bunch of you, but cowards
when you’re alone. I’ve been on this campus for a long time and seen guys
like you come and go and your bullshit will not be tolerated. Got It? Any
questions?”"Uh…no,” he said as most of the jocks began to back away and go back to
their practice, leaving the jock alone, still staring Tim in the face.”Now, I want you to apologize to my friend Doug and shake hands. You just
might need him one of these days to help you pass one of those classes so
you can graduate. Can you do that or do we have to take this farther?”I looked at this guy across the fence from me. He was actually good
looking. He looked around, and seeing that everyone else had left, he
reaching over the fence and shook my hand.”I’m sorry man. I guess all that comes from my parents always saying things
like that and the guys talking like that, but don’t ever let anyone know I
said that. And that stuff about helping out with classes, you’d be willing
to do that even after what I just did?”"Sure, no problem. Here’s my name and number if you need the help next
semester. What’s your name?”"James. James O’Brien. Call me Jim.”"Thanks Jim, see ‘ya around.”With that he ran back into the crowd on the field and took his place in the
group, another jock, another guy who might never be free to tell anyone how
he really felt about himself. My gaydar didn’t go off, so I didn’t think he
was gay, but he sure wanted someone to talk to.”Well buddy, that sure turned around in a hurry.”"I couldn’t believe you. Walking right up to those guys like that and
ripping him a new asshole. You took a big chance.”"I know, but I’m tired of these bullies who know nothing of what they’re
talking about calling someone fags and Preteen Model Toplist all kinds of names. Especially after
being around you guys. All of you have really opened my eyes to the
discrimination, bigotry, and especially hatred that exists in this
world. Even the fact that is starts right at home, like with Kenny. I just
wasn’t going to take it this time; fortunately it worked out. You even made
a new friend out of it a football jock no less sort’a cute one
too. But then again, you’re already Preteen Model Toplist
married.”Married! That’s it! Oh thanks Tim, you just Preteen Model Toplist solved a problem I’ve been
worried about for Christmas. Thank you, Thank you, Preteen Model Toplist Thank you!”I had been jumping all around I was so happy. I couldn’t wait to start
making plans, but I couldn’t tell anyone except Jeff and Don. Oh…Oh…it
was perfect!In all the excitement I suddenly realized that we had reached the SU
doors. I opened the door and with a big sweeping movement I said to Tim,
“After you stud.”"First things first. You want something to eat ’cause I’m starved.”"I’ll come with you.”We got in the late lunch line and both got a sandwich to, drinks and a
dessert. Afterwards we headed upstairs to the quieter lounge where we could
talk in peace, found a large study booth away from the center area and
spread out everything. Tim crawled in and sat beside me. We’d shared a lot
today and for some reason he needed to be near me, which I certainly didn’t
mind. We’d become quite close lately, especially after today.”Doug, what I wanted to talk to you about was what I mentioned to you at
dinner at the house. Kathy and I have been really talking and communicating
much better now thanks to some of the things you, Jeff, Justin and Don have
all said at different times and we’ve re-committed ourselves to making our
marriage stronger and getting back that spark in our marriage that’s been
missing for a while. Until I met all you guys I never realized what was
missing in our marriage, or that anything was missing at all, but seeing
you guys go about with your lives as if everything was perfectly normal and
the rest of the world was crazy made me realize that I had lost what Kathy
and I had when we first met, dated and married.”"I’m no expert on marriage by any means, but you’ve obviously spent a lot
of time thinking about this. I’m glad to hear that you and Kathy have
figured out what was missing in your marriage and have made a decision to
get it back again. Do you still love each other strong enough to relight
that spark?”"Oh yes! That’s no problem. I think where we went wrong was after we had
Billy life seemed like it was a rut with responsibilities; my job takes me
away for periods at a time, you know the story.”"So continue on, what plans do you have from here.”"Well, I think I mentioned that we have made a decision to file for
permanent guardianship of Kenny Preteen Model Toplist because we feel that my parents are unfit
to raise him, especially since they kicked him out of the house since
finding out he was gay. We’re hoping you guys will support us in that
endeavor.”"Of course we will, and anything else you need from us Preteen Model Toplist we’ll be glad to
help.”"Thanks. We plan to ask Kenny tonight if he’d like to stay over at our
house and play with Bill. Let them spend a few nights together and see how
it goes. He’s just a couple years older than Billy and they got along great
at dinner. They could share the same room with bunkbeds and we’d make sure
that he was taken care of at school with all that bully business. And then,
if it’s allright with you guys, they could come up here once in a while, go
for a swim, play in the game room when we had barbecues, just hang around
with the adults if they wanted to. That way Kenny would have the open
access to be able to grow with his gay uncles and ask questions as he got
older. All this would take the pressure off of you guys so that you could
have some peace and quiet and also spend time having your own lives. So
what do you think?”"I think it would be a great idea. I’m sure there’ll be hiccups along the
way, but as long as you and Kathy get the time to rebuild your
relationship, we would all benefit. And we are more than happy to have the
boys up Preteen Model Toplist once in a while just on their own so you and Kathy can have some
alone time.”"Thanks Doug. You’re such a sweetheart. I never thought things would work
out like this, especially for Kenny. I’ve been really concerned for
him. It’s hard enough growing up when you’re being bullied around let alone
when you’re gay.”I guess this is why Tim had been needing to be so close to me today because
he laid down on the bench with his head Preteen Model Toplist
in my lap with tears in his eyes,
looking up at me. I couldn’t speak…I had no idea what to say to him…but
I felt that a whole lot of weight had been lifted off his shoulders that
he’d been carrying around for a long, long time. I reached down and brought
one of his hands to my lips and kissed it as I ran my fingers gently
through his hair.I don’t know why I didn’t cry, instead I had a smile on my face as I looked
into his eyes. I felt like so many people were drawn to me for comfort and
I always gave back a part of me. It seemed like I was slowly being blessed
with the strongest, most intimate friends I could ever ask for. Later in
life I would realize that it only takes a few close friends to make your
life full, along with some friends to ‘fill in the chinks.’ As I looked
into Tim’s eyes I knew we’d always be there for each other for life.”Feeling better bud?”"Thanks. I don’t know what came over me. I feel a little foolish now.”"Don’t you ever say that again. You needed to get a lot of emotions out
that you’ve been holding in for a long time and I’m glad you trusted me to
be there for you. And I hope I’m there if you ever need me again. Preteen Model Toplist We’re
brothers in this big, crummy game of life and we need to take care of each
other. So I don’t want to hear anything about being embarrassed, or
foolish, anymore. Those are all feelings that jocks use to cover up their
real feelings. Remember what you just saved me from on the football
field…you’re not a jock…you’re a warm-hearted, sweetheart of a man that
cares about other people and is not afraid to cry if he has to. You got
that mister?”By now he was starting to smile and I swear, was even enjoying having his
hair messed with.”I got the message…brother.”We stayed just like that until we both had composed ourselves. Of course,
lunch was sitting in the middle of the table, uneaten. I couldn’t go any
farther without eating so we both finished off lunch before packing up my
backpack and deciding what to do. There was about an hour before Justin
would be done with his class and I decided that I wanted to go see him.”Do you mind if we go see the rest of Justin’s class? I miss my honey.”"Sure, that would be great. I still want to sign up for one of his
classes.”"Hey, that solves another problem. What’s the chance of getting the
department to approve a short self defense class for the officers. Maybe
teach them some of the basics, like how to Preteen Model Toplist defend against someone trying to
take their weapon away from them, or take down a bad guy who won’t go down,
things like that?”I think that’d be a great idea. We really need a refresher. Most of the
guys never really get good training in specific things like that. I’ll ask
the Captain about it.”"See if it can happen soon, like before Christmas. It’ll give Justin some
extra cash. Let me know.”"Okay. Great idea.”We headed over to the school Dojo. When we got there we took our shoes off
and stuck our heads around the corner so Justin could see we were there. It
only took a second for Juss to see me. He motioned for one of his older
students to take over the class as he bowed out and walked out of the room
and motioned for us to follow us into his office. Once the door was closed
I was tackled by the cutest guy in the whole world as he grabbed me around
the waist and planted a liplock on me that I had no desire to resist. I
loved this guy so much. After a few minutes I came up for an air break and
looked at Tim.”Hey bro, if you want to cut out early today and spend a some time with the
little lady before the rugrat gets home from school it’s okay with me. I’ll
wait here Preteen Model Toplist with Juss and we’ll head home from here, unless you’ve got
something else to do honey.”"Nope, sounds fine to me.”"Okay, I’ll call you later.”"All right, and thanks for the great day, and for stepping on my breakfast,
oh yeah, and for standing up to that football jock and his buddies, and for
all those other things.”"Think nothing of it…all in a days work. See ‘ya.”Tim waved as he headed for the door.”So babe, what’s up? How’s your day been?”"Great! Even better now that you’ve shown up.”"What time are you ‘outta here?”"Actually, my senior student can finish this last class and we can leave
now if you want.”"That would be great if you can. Maybe we could stop by the mall and do
some shopping. I saw some things that Jeff liked but I wanted your
opinion. We can also have dinner there at a nice restaurant. We haven’t
done that yet.”"True. Okay, I’m in. It’ll be fun to sit and talk without everyone else
around us for a change.”"Sounds like a real ‘date’ to me. I’ll call Jeff and let him know what our
plans are so he doesn’t worry.”"All right,” Justin said. I’ll get things finished up here and get ready to
go.”Boy,” I said, “wait ’till you hear about the things that happened to me
today.”"Sounds like fun. I’ll be right with you.”About five minutes later Justin came out the door, backpack in hand, ready
to go. We headed towards the parking lot and right towards a group of
people in the middle of the lot in front of the student union. Turns out it
was the jocks from the football field. Juss and I were holding hands
figures and out comes the same, stupid comments.This time I was just pissed enough to keep right on walking right through
them as if they weren’t there. I was so tired of this shit, especially
after what had happened earlier today. As we got closer there were a few
more comments thrown at us, but they stopped when the group saw that
neither of us was going to run away, scared of the big bad boys. I had
completely forgotten who I was holding hands with in my anger. Just as we
walked up to the edge of the group of the group, a big dope with an even
bigger mouth reached out to grab me. Before he could touch me Justin had
him by the hand and flipped him around and rolled him into two other
guys. That caught their attention in a real hurry. Only one other smart ass
tried anything physical by charging Justin who stepped aside at the last
second, swung him around in the same direction the guy started in, then
dropped him, smack! right on the pavement without even so much as a flick
of his wrist.Justin said, “anyone else care to have a go at us?”There was dead silence except for the groans of the jerks of the idiots
trying to get up off the pavement. Suddenly this roaring voice came
bellowing from the double doors of the student union main hall.”YOU FUCKING ASSHOLES, LEAVE MY FRIENDS ALONE!”Of all the people, it was Jim from the football team, the same guy from
this afternoon who had done the same thing, now defending us.”You guys haven’t got the brains you were born with. The next one that says
anything bad, touches, hazes, or otherwise hassles these guys will be off
the team. Does that get through your thick heads or do I have to put
Hot-Stuff in all your jock straps? Now get the hell out of here and keep
your mouths shut. GO!”"I’m sorry Doug, these guys never learn. It won’t happen again. And I can
see that your friend here can take care of things if it does anyway.”"Hi Jim. This is my partner, Justin. He is the instructor at the school
Aikido Dojo and also goes to school Preteen Model Toplist here.”"Hi Justin, glad to meet you in a pleasant way. Take care you guys and have
a great day. I’ve got a game in a little while and I’m the team captain so
I need to round up the village idiots and get things going. You should come
to one of our home games sometime. I’ll get you some great seats.”"Thanks Jim. Hope you win tonight!” I shouted as he started running away.I turned and looked at Justin. He had this look of surprise, loss of words,
blank stare…it was hard to describe I guess. I picked up our packs,
grabbed our packs and started towards the car lot.”Justin…ever hear that saying, ‘the pen is mightier than the sword’?
Let’s just say that I have my ways too, and they don’t involve sex
either…just a pen.I had to lead Justin to the car that day. Only I knew what had really
happened and I decided that I would keep it to myself for a while until the
day he asked me about it again. I liked seeing him speechless for a change.————————————————Thanks guys for your patience in waiting for this chapter. I’m still having
serious health issues in my immediate family that require my attention,
plus my own health has deteriorated somewhat so I’m a little slower now. I
also am still editing for my friend in London so sometimes it’s hard to
keep things all sorted out.The next chapter will be the holiday chapter…a fun one that I’m looking
forward to completing. My wish is that everyone have the best of holidays
wherever you are in the world.Barry
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